SYSCO Machinery Corp. has been established since 1977, is the outstanding success story in the world of die cutting. With more than 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of cutting press, which have been supplied worldwide for virtually every type of industrial cutting, we now produce 100 different models and systems, out range grows continually.

We are a premier manufacturer of industrial cutting equipment, including die cutting press, rotary die cutting machines, and laser cutting machine, we also offer a turn-key service for plastic card machines industry, smart label, RFID radio and tags, and for over 30 years SYSCO has been serving customers with tailor made solutions. Flexibity, reliability, experience, and competence ensure that customer requirements are turned into high quality machines meeting customer's expectations.


Advanced Cutting Solutions For
  BLM Film Components




RDC rotary die cutting

Modern manufacturing technology for converting components for the mobile phone, FPD application, medical parts, gasket, shields and and smart label industries

Card processing system

Total solution for plastic card industry, including magnetic tape laying, collating, card laminating, card punching, smart card chip milling and implating, and GSM card punching.

Die cutting system

For all your needs of industrial die cutting equipment, automatic/manual die cutting press, fixed beam cutting press, receding head cutting press, traveling head cutting press.
RFID inlay cutting and sorting
smart label transponder placement
and lamination system

Advanced converting technology for RFID Inlay cutting, inspection sorting and relevant processes.RFID Smart Label transponder placement, cutting and attaching processes.   
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