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High Speed Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine

Dedicated to do high speed kiss cutting or through cutting with alignment feeding system.

High speed & Easy operation

  • Tracking adjustment device to accomplish precise alignment.
  • Automatic mechanical stops device to accomplish accurate cutting depth.
  • Applicable for various cutting die and special die set.
  • Extremely strong construction.
  • Respect to various industries demands, we provide customized options to make complex products to be completed in one run!
Precise tracking adjustment
Mechanical stops device


High Speed Hydraulic Cutting Machine with Alignment Feeding System, is designed to do high speed kiss cutting or through cutting components from roll type soft material or sheet material, cutting force from 12 to 70 tons. Also, we design the most suitable feeding system based on material properties.

  • 100 cuts per minute, based on a 10mm cutting stroke and a 20mm feeding distance.
  • Servo motor positioning of the roll feeder allows for precise and high speed feeding of the material (position accuracy of ±0.2mm, feeding speed of up to 1.5 meter/sec).
  • Strong construction, with heavy duty welding of the machine frame.
  • Smooth, low-impact cutting reduces the noise level to a minimum.
  • Low electrical consumption due to a hydraulic system designed for optimal efficiency.
  • Machine designed for easy operation and increased productivity.
  • Special feature: four post mechanical stops, simultaneously adjusted.
  • HRC 60° hardened and ground steel plate, provides kiss cutting and through cutting without edge burs.
  • The high precision, central adjusted four post mechanical stops are set at plane parallel accuracy within ±0.01 mm.
  • Electronic Components Cutting Machine In-Line with Multiple Strip Laminator.


  • Automatic sliding table (single side or double side) for sheet type material.
  • Ball screw driven incremental table, for sheet type material, accuracy of ±0.1mm.
  • In line with laminating device, hot sealing device, and/or guillotine device.
  • Scrap rewinding stand.
  • Single-axis optical fiber sensor for cutting printed material.
  • Three axis die bolster auto tracking device for a cut to print accuracy of ±0.1mm.
  • Custom made system to suit your specific requirements.
  • User friendly touch screen and memory for up to 300 cutting programs makes machine operation quick and easy.
  • Die set with hydraulic clamping device.
  • Control cabinet PLC and PC operation console.
  • Extra PET film belt feeding system.


Mobile phone/ Electronic/ LCD
  • Optical films, plastic films, films.
  • LCD.
  • Bonding and sealing gaskets – camera, window LCD, ear piece, power button, etc.
  • Thermal management pads.
  • Speaker and microphone filters.
  • Electronic device housing vents.
  • Touch screen optically clear adhesive and film.
  • Circuit board attachment, electrical conduction.
  • Spacers and cushioning within assembly.
  • Light blocking, reflection.
  • Gaskets, spacers & shims.
  • EMI/RFI shielding.
  • Membrane switch components.
  • Shock, vibration & noise dampeners.
  • Printed Electronics.
  • LED lighting.
  • Flex circuit components.
  • RFID components.
  • Access management.
  • Tracking of goods.
  • Tracking of persons and animals.
  • Toll collection and contactless payment.
  • Machine readable travel documents (E-passport).
  • Skin contact tapes and foams.
  • Pharmaceutical filtration components.
  • Thermal management materials.
  • Conductive adhesives.
  • EMI/RFI shielding.
  • Electrode pads.
  • Probe shields/covers.
  • Protective face shields.
  • Surgical patches.
  • Bonding & surface mount adhesives.
  • Gaskets, spacers & shims.
  • Shock, vibration, & noise dampeners.
  • Electrical insulators .
  • Instrumentation gaskets and seals.
  • Diagnostic test strip components.
  • Medical device components.
  • Medical electronics components.
  • Cosmeceutical pads.
  • Screen Protective films.
  • Security labels.
  • Identification labels and traceability labels.
  • Dashboards.
  • Membrane switch and panel.
  • High temperature labels.
  • Label stickers.
  • Abrasive.
Carpet/Floor tile
  • Carpet.
  • Plastic floor tile.
  • Rubber floor tile.
Foam & Sponge
  • Foam.
  • Electronic foam.
  • Rubber foam.
  • Insulation foam.
  • Automotive foam.
  • Ear plug.
  • Cosmeceutical pads.
  • Cosmetic puff.
  • Masks.
  • Paper Board/ Corrugated Boards.
  • Board box.
  • Plastic box.
  • Vacuum Package.
Rubber & Plastic
  • Gasket.
  • Filters.
Papers/ Jigsaw puzzle
  • Jigsaws puzzle.
  • Papers.
  • Printed papers.
Textile/ Non-woven
  • Textile.
  • Non-woven.
  • Cotton\Cameras cotton\Cotton filters.
  • Dust-proof net.
  • Linings, Shirt Collars.
  • Brassieres.