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Auto Magnetic Tape Laying Machine

The MTL is a fully automatic tape-laying machine that lays roll/sheet magnetic tape onto a variety of roll/sheet overlay materials.

Roll to roll/sheet
Sheet to sheet

Flexible design

Regardless of the material is a roll or a sheet type, Sysco provides the corresponding models as follows.


MTL is a fully tape laying machine that lays magnetic tapes onto a variety of roll or sheet material. The pressure and heat of each laying roller press can be individually controlled & adjusted, minimizing the surface area subjected to heat.

  • Servomotor feeding system performs a laying accuracy of ±0.15mm.
  • Suitable for material ranging 0.04~0.2mm in thickness, 250-700mm in width.
  • Operation speed can be adjusted according to the needs of the overlay material, up to a maximum speed of 10 meters a minute, normal operating speed is 5~10 meter per minute.
  • User-friendly touch screen control.
  • The pressure and heat of each laying roller press can be individually controlled, minimizing the surface area subjected to heat, as well as allowing for fine-tune adjustments.
  • The multiple pinch rollers hold the material securely in place throughout the application process, allowing for perfect parallelism of the magnetic strips.
  • The operation area is entirely enclosed by clear glass safety doors increasing operator safety, without decreasing the visibility of operation.
  • Error code diagnostic display provides for easy trouble shooting.
  • CE completed safety guards.


  • Optional product rewinding stand for roll-to-roll laying process.
  • Optional auto sheet feeder and finished products auto stacking unit for sheet-to-sheet fully automatic laying process.


Applies to all kinds of material required with magnetic tape tape, such as credit cards.

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