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Smart Card Milling and Chip Implanting Machine

IMA is a fully automatic milling and chip implanting system for chip or smart cards such as telephone cards, bank credit cards, GSM cards, ID health care cards, etc.

Chip-module unwinding
Milling station
Chip implanting station

Professional modules for Chip processing.


  • Production capacity of up to 3,000 cards per hour.
  • Extraction of individual cards from two removable loading magazines.
  • The timing belt transporting system moves the cards from one workstation to another in a synchronized manner.
  • Card thickness measuring station ensuring only one card is fed.
  • CNC cavity high speed milling head for up to 60,000 RPM & dust extraction.
  • Hot melt tape spooler, puncher, laminating and peel off system to laminate with chip module tape.
  • Chip module punching station and pick & place system for chip module implanting in the cavities.
  • Bonding of chip into the card cavity.
  • Cooling press station.
  • Data input device.
  • Sorting of cards into good and reject magazines.
  • PC based control for easy operation.
  • Smooth, low-impact operation reduces the noise level to a minimum.
  • Both milling and implanting in one compact system.
  • High efficiency, yield, and ease of use through the use of hot melt adhesive.
  • Very stable and consistent production process. Both flexible and reliable.


Applicable for any cards that need holograms, signature bars or security label stamping.

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