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Guillotine Machine

GC is proudly designed for automatic working system for sheet material 4-edges registering trim. Equipped with CCD camera mark registration system, no matter general printed core or inlay with antenna can be recognized quickly and precisely.

High efficiency, Accurate alignment, Easy operation.


The substantial automation technology, includes feeding motion, cutting, detection and stacking, all with high accuracy. That’s appropriate to lead into smart card, ITO film, label and general electronic industry.

  • Dual CCD cameras registering system for both X and Y axis-direction.
  • Adjustable luminous intensity of red and white LED light for metal or various registration mark.
  • The accuracy at less than or equal to ±0.15mm.
  • User-friendly touch-screen.
  • Servo controlled high precision feeding system.
  • Automatic sheet material supply and product stacking stations.
  • Pneumatic edge pushers for regular stacking.
  • Two motorized guillotine device with SKD11 hardened blade to trim 4 edges of sheet.
  • Scratch-prevent airflow system.
  • Pneumatic push bar device to remove waste to collection bin.
  • PC interface with programmable multi-tasking management.
  • Antistatic solution.
  • Complete CE safety guards.


It’s applicable to all kind of sheet material, such as PET, PVC, film, paper and so on.