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Slitting & Guillotine Machine

Applicable for any kind of soft material thickness up to 2mm.

High efficiency, Cost saving, Easy Operation.


Slitting and guillotine cutting application of soft plastic roll material and foam material with material thickness up to 2mm. Do slitting and guillotine cutting application at the same time to simplify production process and therefore save labor cost and handling cost.

  • Servo motor control feeding ensure feeding tolerance within ±0.2mm
  • 10 steps feeding speed adjustment from 5 meters per minute to 50 meters per minute to meet different specification of materials.
  • Maximum guillotine cutting length up to 1 meters per cut.
  • Guillotine cutting application of special material is available upon request.


  • Slitting knife.
  • Guillotine knife.
  • Air slitting knife device.
  • Jumbo roll motorized material stand.
  • Dual air shaft rewind stand.
  • Inboard separation and rewind stand.
  • Auto edge tracking device(PLC control).
  • Static electricity eliminator.
  • Available for material width 900mm, 1200mm,1600mm upon request.


Any kind of soft materials such as plastic, foam, paper, film materials with material thickness up to 2mm.