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CNC Rotary Die Cutting with Laser Scan Head Machine

The technology developed offers the possibility to produce multi-layers complex products in one run, with the highest accuracy available on the market, remain ahead of competition!

Be Flexible & Be in Control

Modern manufacturing technology for converting components and multi layers products, such as components for the mobile phone, PDA, LCD, STN and smart labels, which you can do converting, laminating, CCD alignment, rotary die or laser cutting all in 1 run!

  • Sysco designed program specially, you can ensure the highest precision at any time and on any job.
  • Continuous engineering assistance to help you and your team get the most out of your machine on your existing and new product.
  • Sysco is always working on new projects, new materials and new challenges so if your product requires either more lamination/cutting stations or a wider web width, do not hesitate to contact us or submit your project. We serve your most ambitious project!

Die set module

Converting, laminating, CCD alignment, rotary die cutting and laser cutting are all complete in this module.

  • Each station are driven by servomotor, can communicate between each other and adjust automatically.
  • Unique interactive CCD machine vision system to do alignment and inspect.
  • Laser cutting station.

Tension control module

To reach high precision, the tension of each material must be very stable. Therefore, Sysco developed this tension control module with our own program to achieve high stability of material tension.

Close loop tension with load cells for all unwind/rewind stands and controlled by independent servomotors.

Adjustable unwind/rewind stations

To allow more flexibility, we designed the unwind/rewind stations adjustable, depending on the properties of the product and place the stations in the most appropriate position.

Each cutting/laminating and unwind/rewind stations driven by servomotor, can communicate between each other and adjust automatically.
Upper and lower materials stands can be programmed and positioned as unwind or rewind units to allow more product flexibility.
Wastes pill off perfectly and easily.


The RDL machine is a combination of the RDC and a laser die cutting machine. The laser die cutting station equips with CO2 laser with Cut-on-the-Fly function is capable to do complex work in 1 step. The laser beam vaporizes the material. This RDL system equipped with the following outstanding features, it is definitely the best choice for you !

  • No die charges.
  • Flexibility in more complex die cut geometries.
  • Easy art changes.
  • Faster turnaround times.
  • Prototypes or sampling without committing to a tool charge.
  • Increased precise cuts.

Furthermore, the CO2 laser cutting station equipped with Cut on Fly function which is capable to do complex work in one step. It eliminates the cost of rotary die, and also save the time on changing different dies.

  • Max. 56m/min cutting speed.
  • Materials and cut parts are facilitated in roll form.
  • Each cutting/laminating and unwind/rewind stations driven by servomotor ensures synchronized positioning accuracy of ±0.1mm.
  • Close loop tension with load cells for all unwind/rewind stands and controlled by independent servomotors provides constant accurate tension of ±0.1N.
  • Accurate registration by CCD camera makes it ideal for the implementation of intricate designs over long production runs, closely nested to reduce waste.
  • Active edge tracking device maintains the even feeding of material.
  • The machine is available in 7 and 10 cutting/laminating stations.
  • Widths available as standard on the machine: 250mm or 10" and 330mm or 13".
  • Sysco uses CO2 type laser machine with 150 or 200 watts that can be incorporated in the middle of the cutting stations on the machine.
  • Co2 Laser cutting stations can be integrated on the rotary die cutting machine and can kiss cut & through cut in the same run.
  • Easy movable & adjustable operator screen for more comfort. All cutting/laminating and unwind/rewind stations communicate between each other and adjust automatically through Sysco special programing software.


Mobile Phone / Electronics
  • Optical films, plastic films, films.
  • Thermal management pads.
  • Bonding and sealing gaskets – camera, window LCD, ear piece, power button, etc.
  • Speaker and microphone filters.
  • Electronic device housing vents.
  • Touch screen optically clear adhesive and film.
  • Circuit board attachment, electrical conduction.
  • Spacers and cushioning within assembly.
  • Light blocking, reflection.
  • Gaskets, spacers & shims.
  • EMI/RFI shielding EMI/RFI.
  • Membrane switch components.
  • Flex circuit components.
  • Shock, vibration & noise dampeners.
  • Antenna's.
  • Printed Electronics.
  • LED lighting LED.
  • Medical RFID.
  • Skin contact tapes and foams.
  • Pharmaceutical filtration components.
  • Thermal management materials.
  • Conductive adhesives.
  • EMI/RFI shielding EMI/RFI.
  • Electrode pads.
  • Probe shields/covers.
  • Protective face shields.
  • Surgical patches.
  • Bonding & surface mount adhesives.
  • Gaskets, spacers & shims.
  • Shock, vibration, & noise dampeners.
  • Energy absorption pads.
  • Electrical insulators.
  • Custom adhesive laminates.
  • Membrane switch components.
  • Instrumentation gaskets and seals.
  • Diagnostic test strip components.
  • Medical device components.
  • Medical electronics components.
  • Cosmeceutical pads.
  • Fasteners.
  • Light blocking.
  • Windshield dams.
  • Headlight/taillight gasket.
  • High-temp shielding.
  • Spacers.
  • Insulators.
  • Cushioning, sealing, gasketing.
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Film.
  • Sound Dampening.
  • Heat Shielding.
  • Dust & Secondary Seals.
  • Embossed shielding material.
  • Vibration reduction materials.
  • Powertrain seals.
  • Gap fillers.
  • Electronic insulation.
  • Weather seals.
  • RFID components RFID.
  • Access management.
  • Tracking of goods.
  • Tracking of persons and animals.
  • Toll collection and contactless payment.
  • Machine readable travel documents (E-passport).
  • Screen Protective films.
  • Security labels.
  • Identification labels and traceability labels.
  • Dashboards.
  • Membrane switch and panel.
  • High temperature label.
Solar power
  • Electrical Insulators.
  • Avionics Mounts.
  • Thermal Management Materials.
  • Solar Panel Components.
  • Wind Power Components.
  • Control panels.
  • Battery labels.
  • Sound insulation.
  • Structural Foams.
  • Heat Shielding.
  • RF Shielding.
  • Reinforcement Materials.
  • Gasket material.
  • Pressure Seals.
  • High-temperature gaskets.
  • Chemical-resistant gaskets.
  • Spacers & Shims.
  • Shock and vibration control materials.
  • Specialty seals.
  • Core insulation.
  • Lead pads.
  • Magnet wire insulation.